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ULTRAFUGU Battles It Out Against MOTHUGU!


He’s fought Fugu Ghidorah and Fugamera, but can he defeat the invincible Mothugu?!

The jungles of Showa Island are a treacherous place, and a lost Ultrafugu comes face to face with danger around every turn. Can our bumbling hero safely return to the Science Patrol outpost while simultaneously avoiding the wrath of the legendary Mothugu?

​A loving homage to all-things Kaiju. 36 pages, B&W. Just $5!

After having to take a break halfway through illustrating it to focus on CLUSTERFUX COMIX #6 and the [adult swim] Free Comic Book Day issues, the third ULTRAFUGU adventure is finally here!


I’ve recently applied to table at both Short Run and Comic Arts Los Angeles. I had so much fun at Short Run last year that I simply had to apply again. As for CALA, I was a fan when it first debuted (pre-COVID times), and would love for the opportunity to now table at it. Short Run is November 2nd this year, and CALA is December 14-15. I’ll keep you up to date to whether I get accepted or not.

Had fun at PERMANENT DAMAGE: NUCLEAR COMICS back in April! At that show I debuted my collection of sketch comics, FARRAGO VOL. 1, and managed to sell a few copies.

A select batch of autobio comics from my sketchbook that were sketched between September 2023 and April 2024. They deal with editing comics, work, my personal life, and more. 48-pages, $5.

Did you miss out? Order your copy today!


CLUSTERFUX COMIX #7 I said last time it wouldn’t be happening for a few years, but now I’m upgrading that to “indefinitely.” I’ve been pumping out issues of CLUSTERFUX since 2020, including the FREE COMIC BOOK DAY ISSUES, and I’m spent. Plus it’s an expensive investment without any real returns. It sells well enough, sure, but I’m not sensing a real demand for more issues. So instead of setting myself up for a (pricey) headache putting another issue together, I think I’ll just spend that money on my personal projects instead.


FUGU COMIX #4 I have a good batch of thumbnails sketched, and plan on starting to illustrate next month. Aiming to have it debut in the fall for both Short Run and CALA (and another Permanent Damage if I’m invited back).

That’s all for this month! Don’t expect the next newsletter until FUGU COMIX #4 is out later this year. Thanks for your continued support!

-Cameron Hatheway, Publisher


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