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Being a fan of many comic book podcasts, Cameron decided one day in October of 2007 to start his own. Sure, it seems like every geek has their own podcast of some kind, but he decided he would try and stand out; he’d go the way of video! 

Being inspired by the guys over at iFanboy and their San Diego Comic-Con video, Cameron quickly went to work producing videos under ten minutes, where he would share his weekly picks with the whole wide internets. 

Every Wednesday Cameron would head down to the comic shop, pick-up his books, and the reviewing process began. By Thursday afternoon he had a favorite comic picked, and usually five other picks that he would briefly talk about in Friday’s show. Sometimes it was a great week, sometimes it was an absolutely horrible week. Either way, he always found something to talk about and gush over. Friday was his favorite day of the week. Cameron loved filming, editing, and uploading the show every Friday, then waiting in anticipation for comments. 


After Episode 181, he switched over to the audio format entirely. They were easier to produce and edit, and gave him the opportunity to put more content out without having to worry so much about file sizes and formatting problems. 

In August of 2012, he switched from the weekly format to the monthly format, due to college. It was a combination of Geeky Talky and the regular review episodes, and was released at the end of every month. 

During his time at Sonoma State University, Cameron switched from podcasts to writing comic reviews for websites such as Why So Blu?, Brightest Young Things, IHEARTCOMIX, and his college newspaper the Sonoma State STAR (where he was Arts & Entertainment Editor and Online Editor). 

After graduating college, Cameron worked for Famous Monsters of Filmland and their comic book imprint, American Gothic Press for a year, before moving on and entering the creative advertising industry where he currently works as a Sr. Manager, Creative Development for AppleTV+ titles.

Cameron has self-published Morsels of Delight: A Collection of Short Stories which is available to purchase on Amazon. During the COVID pandemic, he started creating his own comics as well as editing/curating an underground anthology comix zine called CLUSTERFUX COMIX. More on the titles he's published can be found on the COMIX page.

He currently resides in Studio City with his wife Amanda, and their 8-year-old Tortie named Dinah.

E-Mail: cammyscomiccorner [@]

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