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[adult swim] Tribute Free Comic Book Day Issue of CLUSTERFUX, Free!

Cover by Jesse Vital

Happy Free Comic Book Day, people! If you didn't have a chance to visit one of the 10 comic shops that are exclusively giving the FCBD issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX away on Free Comic Book Day, no worries! You can download and read your very own high-res digital version of it here:

Download PDF • 62.11MB

CLUSTERFUX COMIX FCBD TRIBUTE TO [adult swim] includes the following talented individuals in the issue: Jesse Vital, Victor Santiago, Marrk JC, Chad Cook, Chris Knox, Will Wong, Anand Khatri, Brian Canini, Jason Lego, Alex Daikaiju, Alejandra Gutierrez, Juan Lara, Umberto Tonella, Erik Rose, Jason Covelli, Jason Morrow, Alexis Ziritt, mattchee, Randy Barnes, Sean "Beans" Ash, Vince Bonavoglia, Anthony Aiuppy, Catalina Rufín, Don Austin, and some dope named Cameron Hatheway.

Comic shops around the country that had copies this year:


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