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MORSELS OF DELIGHT Now Available as TPB + eBook!

Happy Valentine's Day! Sorry for a delay, but I've been hard at work formatting my new eBook, MORSELS OF DELIGHT: A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES, for trade paperback on Amazon. It's a collection of all my short stories to date, under one cover. Lots of Sci-Fi and fiction goodness, with a sprinkle of humor throughout. And now it's available as both

a digital copy and physical copy! You can get a published piece of my work and hold it in your hands! And read it! Insanity!! Special thanks to Amazon's trade paperback program for making that a reality. Now I can buy a bunch of copies and get a table at a Writer's Fair of some sort! If you buy a copy, I will sign it in person.

You can purchase the eBook here, and the trade paperback here. As usual, every review helps me find a larger audience!

In the meantime, I'm still working on my next book, THE PATCH. Unfortunately with my schedule, it's hard to make time to be able to just sit down and write, but I'm slowly trying to get a new system in place that will allow me to work on it more frequently. Stay tuned for that!

And finally, I know the Podcast section has been blank for a while, but I promise I'll slowly add more of the catalog of old episodes I have. I'm paying for the hosting monthly, so I might as well take advantage of it!

As usual, thanks for all your support!

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