Clusterfux Comix

During the pandemic, I kept busy by curating, editing, and eventually publishing my own underground comix anthology, featuring some of the best rising creators in the underground and indie comix scene. The first issue debuted in February 2021 and is available at the link below. You can follow progress on Instagram @ClusterfuxComix and here on the website.

If interested in submitting your comix and illustrations to the third issue (and beyond), email me at ClusterfuxComix [a] and let's figure out appropriate compensation.


Clusterfux Comix #1

$7, 44 pages, 8.5"x11". Printed by Rat Nest Sticker Co.

The groundbreaking first issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX, an underground comix anthology. Featuring comics and illustrations from Brian Judge, Isaac Roller, Vickie Smalls, Erik Jasek, Cameron Zavala, Miguel Elias Aguilar, Robert Negoesco, Adam Yeater, Charlie Sisemore, and Cameron Hatheway.

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"Grublins in Love"

FUGU Comix

Before creating CLUSTERFUX COMIX, I enjoyed sketching Fugu fish killing people in gruesome, creative, hilarious ways. Once you can get past how much of a sick individual I am, perhaps you can enjoy my little comics. The first issue is set to debut in June 2021, 26-pages of Fugu madness! In the meantime, search "#FuguComics" on Instagram!