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More Comix, More Life Updates, More Words

Pictured: Monster and Creator

Russia attacked Ukraine yesterday after weeks of building up its military at the border. Not great. Sanctions can only do so much, but the Ukrainian and Russian people will suffer for it. Putin won't stop until he brings the U.S.S.R. back to its former glory, and that means invading any countries that once made up the Russian Empire of old. He's desperate to stay in power, because his deepest fear is of getting Gaddafi'd.

Way to start on such an upbeat and happy note, I know. "Hey Cameron, you haven't posted for two months, so when you post again, let's make sure to make people depressed about the world!" At least we're not talking about COVID again? Until the next variant, at least.

One thing that will make you less depressed about society is my latest FUGU comic that debuted last month: ULTRAFUGU VS FUGU GHIDORAH! I know I mentioned it briefly in the last post, but it's now available to purchase for all you Ultraman/kaiju loving comic readers. I have the next issue sketched out, and I'll most likely begin illustrating it later in the year after I'm done putting FUGU COMIX #2 together. More Fugu, more DJ Rodney, more Lord Buttonchops, and introducing a few comics starring my very own father. I'm a little behind schedule due to work being so busy these past several months, but I'm not worried because it's 100% mine. With CLUSTERFUX, I keep to a tighter deadline because of all the people who contribute every issue. I don't want to let them down by having it be published late. With my own stuff? Fuck it! I'm doing it for myself.

CLUSTERFUX #4 is coming down the home stretch, and I'm only waiting on a few contributors to get me their pages in. It's in a good place, and I'm excited for the consistency in quality. CLUSTERFUX #5 is still several months away, but already I'm getting pages in for that one as well! It's good to be ahead of schedule. It allows me to focus on more pressing projects like the Free Comic Book Day issue, and getting it out to shops before May. It'll definitely be a collector's item, so keep your eyes peeled at your local shop!

I mentioned work has been keeping me busy, and I wasn't kidding. One of the main reasons I managed to get three issues of CLUSTERFUX out within a year, as well as two issues of FUGU, was because I was unemployed during the pandemic and had to keep focused on something. Now that I've had a job for almost a year, I've been overwhelmed with keeping track of different projects I'm spearheading. Don't get me wrong, it's great to be busy, but I've definitely been kept on my toes. My hobby of editing and publishing comics has taken a backseat, and has made me scrap certain plans and expectations. It was fun having free time while it lasted, but man, you have to fight tooth and nail to gain back any of it. We recently had a three-day weekend, and I finally found time to catch-up on some comics, and illustrate some as well. It was like slipping back into a favorite pair of jeans for sure.

I have another niece on the way, with my sister due to give birth sometime in March. Amanda and I will be visiting Northern California for the birth, and it will be nice to spend time with my other niece Violet. We mainly see her through Facetime, and it kills me that it feels like we're missing a lot of her childhood. They grow up so fast! So it will be a pleasant reunion with a majority of my family up there, and lots of delicious HenHouse beer.

"A ranger caught off his guard?"
Elven Badass and her captive

Looking ahead at the future, Amanda and I plan on traveling back to France. Before you point out that we were just there, it's only for a day or two for the Fêtes Galantes costume ball in Versailles. Then right after we plan on finally taking our Honeymoon in Scotland for a week. We'll explore the Highlands, pet Highland coos, and drink fine Scotches every night (well, I will be at least). Oh, and visiting every patch of land that Outlander filmed at. Fingers-crossed World War III doesn't break out and COVID is in a downward spiral when we go, because we'd really like to finally enjoy our Honeymoon this decade.

One update that recently came to light was the sentencing of my high school classmate Jeffrey Alexander Smith for his roll in storming the Capitol on January 6th. He's getting 90 days in jail, 2-years probation, 200 hours community service, and a $500 fine. A real slap on the wrist! I'm sure he (and other domestic terrorists) have learned a valuable lesson: do it again, and there won't be any real consequences. I updated my blog post about the sentencing with more information and thoughts on the matter.

I would gladly kill in the name of Pickle Chips
Pickle Chips are LIFE!

What more do you want from me?! That's my life update as of now. I'm still flashing Invader pieces when they're reactivated for a day in Los Angeles, and I'm still exercising and running and all that healthy crap. I guess the only other thing to add is my newfound love of dill pickle chips. They're like salt and vinegar chips, but with pickle brine instead. They're amazing and I love them so much. I only wish they would come in a bigger bag!

Here's Dinah looking ridiculously cute in her new kitty cave I recently purchased for her.

Eyes in the darkness, waiting to strike
Cave-dwelling Gremlin


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