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CLUSTERFUX COMIX #5 is now available to purchase!

Nevermind the Nostrils
CLUSTERFUX #5 and the Publisher.

After months of waiting, the latest issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX is now available to purchase! I said it would be out by the end of January, and I was off by a few days! In my defense, I wanted to make sure the sample copies looked good and made some necessary adjustments. So while they did arrive in January, they’re actually on sale in the first days of February.

Listen, the comics are available!! What more do you want from me?!

Featuring comics and illustrations by

  • James Fletcher

  • Alex Daikaiju

  • Miguel Elias Aguilar

  • Umberto Tonella

  • Catalina Rufín

  • Samuel Cleggett

  • Tanha Comics

  • Dylan Henty

  • Dave Neeson

  • J. Webster Sharp

  • Cameron Zavala

  • Jason Covelli

  • Ryan King

  • mattchee

  • Isaac Roller

  • Anthony Aiuppy

  • Jacob Fleming

  • Charlie Sisemore

  • Cameron Hatheway

These also come with a sheet of Flippitoons trading cards designed by James Fletcher as well!

156-pages of superb black & white comix, 8.5"x11". All for just $10!

Issue 5 comes with trading cards!


CLUSTERFUX COMIX #6 is packed to the brim with contributors, new and old. Due late next year. I have a few different cover artists in mind, I almost want to do a variant cover! No really. Who am I, Dynamite Comics?! I’ll probably be taking a much needed break after this issue. I enjoy editing these anthologies, but it’s definitely a challenge especially with how busy my normal day job is. You know I’m going to have #666 on the cover!

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023 comics for the Tribute to MAD Magazine issue have slowly been trickling into my inbox recently, and what I’ve seen so far would make William M. Gaines roll over in his grave! This one will no doubt be a collector’s item…in the sanitariums!

PERMANENT DAMAGE 4 was a big success! I tabled inside, and met lots of friendly people and sold a lot of comics. Huge thanks to everyone who came out and bought something! Special thanks to Keenan once again for hosting an amazing show. You can read all about the experience here, and purchase the exclusive Clusterfux T-Shirts and Eat The Rich Zine I debuted at the show.

The "model" is wearing a size Medium


ULTRAFUGU VS FUGAMERA is 95% complete! The back cover for this issue is going to be illustrated by the wonderful Rachel Leah Gallo. I just got the holographic stickers in today, and they’re my new favorite thing! Expect this action-packed issue out by early March 2023.

FUGU COMIX #3 I’ve started thumbnailing a short Lord Buttonchops story that’s growing in page count. Still trying to figure out if I want to include with the rest of the characters in FUGU, or I might just turn it into a one-shot. Lord Buttonchops: Squire Inquire Within has a nice ring to it.

ULTRAFUGU I have an idea of who I want the next monster he fights to be, as well as additional allies to befriend him. I want to start playing with colors a bit more, and have an idea of how to incorporate. I’d also love to combine the first 2-3 issues and translate them for French audiences. Now to find a French publisher to work with. Angoulême, here I come!

ULTRAFUGU VS FUGAMERA, coming March 2023!

That does it for now! Expect another update around March. And as usual, thanks for supporting CLUSTERFUX and FUGU COMIX!


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