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  • Cameron Hatheway

Inkshares 2017 Horror Contest

This contest caught my eye! I've currently been tweaking my latest short story, Orange Death (working title, still not thrilled about it), but if I were to expand on it a little more in the re-write, I think I might have something resembling a novella to submit to the contest. If I'm one of the winners, ETERNAL GLORY! If not, uh, my next ebook!

That's how Titanium Bullet started out, as a rejected submission to Meerkat Press' superhero anthology book. The original guidelines were something like 15-18 pages, and I rocketed past that to 40 pages, then felt like a monster for trying to hack away the paragraphs to get within the required length. My poor story was just looking at me with a shocked expression, as if to ask, "Why are you killing me? I thought you loved me, daddy?" Now I know how Lizzie Borden felt.

Deadlines also light a fire under me, because it's something to work towards. I had a similar way of writing in college, where procrastination was my ally, and some of my best stuff came from me working under pressure--sans Freddy Mercury.

So wish me luck! I'll call upon you all to help me get the word out (and vote for me, of course) when the deadline draws nearer to October 31.

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