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On sale now!

Your favorite kaiju comic book is back, with Ultrafugu taking on a new opponent! The terrifying Fugamera!

What began as a boring assignment in Antarctica quickly turns into a monster problem as the creature known as Fugamera emerges from the ice, ready for destruction. Can Ultrafugu stop the beast and save the day once again? Or will Fugamera leave him shell-shocked?

Amazing back cover by Rachel Leah Gallo. Includes a holographic sticker.

​A loving homage to all-things Kaiju. 36 pages, B&W. All for just $5!

Buy your copy now for a chance to win!
Win an original piece of art!

I’m also throwing a contest to celebrate the release of this latest Ultrafugu adventure! Everyone who purchases a copy anytime throughout the month of March will be automatically entered to win the original art piece I created for the sticker design. Winner will be randomly selected April 1st! So purchase your copy and enter to win, before Fugamera crushes you!

Also, don’t forget to pick-up a copy of ULTRAFUGU VS FUGU GHIDORAH if you haven’t already! Fun for all ages! Purchase here.

Collect Them All!
The Ultrafugu Collection (So Far)


CLUSTERFUX COMIX #2 Second Printing is officially back in stock! The first run had some low-res issues on a few of the comics, and I still consider it the most epic fail of my career. So it brought my great joy to finally have the opportunity to correct the images with this second printing. I plan on reprinting CLUSTERFUX #4 & #5 in the next few months to prepare for tabling at various conventions and shows this year. That means I’ll be able to offer the (very popular) CLUSTERFUX BUNDLE again soon!

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023 I’m just waiting on a few more contributors to get their pieces in so I can send it off to the printers ASAP! Take a look at the cover below by the incredibly talented Garett Knight! I’ll send another email closer to Free Comic Book Day in May with a link to the free PDF, and a list of stores that will be carrying physical copies across the country.

CLUSTERFUX COMIX #6 has nothing new to report. It’s still ways away, and I’ve been slowly checking in with contributors to make sure they have everything they need so far. Still trying to figure out the best candidate to do the cover. I have a few “big swing” candidates, just need to approach slowly so I don’t spook them.

PERMANENT DAMAGE 5 is returning to Los Angeles May 21st, and I’ve been invited back to table! I hope to have some new exclusives to debut at the show. The line-up is killer, and will be officially announced in the near future I’ve been told. It’s one of the best alternative comic shows on the West Coast, so if you’re in the area, definitely try and attend!!

L.A. ZINE FEST I have applied and I’m just waiting to hear back if I’ve been accepted. When I know, you’ll know. So keep an eye on the Instagram!

Whatta Looker!
WHAT, ME CLUSTERFUX? Cover by Garett Knight


ULTRAFUGU VS FUGAMERA I did an Instagram Live last weekend and talked about the creation of this latest issue: my love of kaiju films during the pandemic, the future of ULTRAFUGU and FUGU COMIX, and so much more! Watch here.

LORD BUTTONCHOPS ONE-SHOT “Squire Inquire for Hire” is well underway, with the first 10 pages already sketched and inked. Lots of research into clothing and settings! All of this for an ongoing butt joke comic (send help). Speaking of help, I’m going to need to inquire with some artists for pin-ups and a back cover!

FUGU COMIX #3 There’s a small chance I’ll be releasing this later in the year. I can’t help but start thumbnailing new ideas for Fugu, Harper, and DJ Rodney. I might need to include a new character since Lord Buttonchops has gone big time with his own series. Per usual, finding an artist to help illustrate the back cover is one of my favorite things to do.

Battle of the Beasts!
Back Cover by Rachel Leah Gallo

That does it for now! Expect another email around May for the FCBD issue. As usual, thanks for supporting CLUSTERFUX and FUGU COMIX!


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