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Clusterfux Comix - Reviews & Interviews

Ever since publishing Clusterfux Comix #1, I've received incredibly positive feedback overall. On Instagram, YouTube, and even some of my favorite comic book podcasts. So I wanted to share the links to a few reviews, and interviews I've been a part of.

If you have a review you want me to include, or want to interview me about the comic and upcoming ones, hit me up! I assure you my boyish charm and good looks will provide entertaining content.


My favorite comic book podcast gave me a shoutout the previous episode, then had a full review in Episode 723!

Caleb was so nice to give me a nice little review, and complimenting me on making the best out of the crappy situation I found myself in after being furloughed. Much love to the SFG bros!

Small Press Express - ClusterFux Anthology

Adam Yeater, one of the contributors, gave a little review on his YouTube channel after I sent him his copies.

Cammy's Comic Corner - Clusterfux Comix #1

Okay, this is obviously cheating.


Rat Nest Podcast - Episode 4

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Matt and Jim, talking about the first issue of Clusterfux and so much more. Rat Nest Stick Co. published the first issue, and I plan on using them for the next two as well. We had a blast talking comics, my origin story and career in comics, and comics, comics, comics. Also, Matt and I reminisce about having Charles Glaubitz as a teacher while attending San Diego City College. It's a very in-depth interview!

Small Press Express - Cameron Hatheway Interview

Adam interviewed me about my history in underground comics, what it was like publishing an anthology, and indie publishing and creators in general.


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