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MAD Magazine Tribute Free Comic Book Day Issue of CLUSTERFUX, Free!

If you didn't have a chance to visit one of the selected comic shops on Free Comic Book Day to pick up the FCBD issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX, no worries! You can download and read your very own high-res digital version of it here:

Download PDF • 69.42MB

WHAT, ME CLUSTERFUX? A CLUSTERFUX COMIX FCBD TRIBUTE TO MAD MAGAZINE was a project near and dear to my heart! I'm incredibly proud to have collaborated with the following talented individuals in the issue: Garret Knight, Jason Morrow, mattchee, Hannibal Gerald, Erik Rose, Stew Nod, Umberto Tonella, That Fking Guy, Amy Austin, John Taylor Jr., Anthony Aiuppy, Hank Simmons, Raymond Lowell, Tanha Comics, Adam Yeater, Alex Daikaiju, Vince Bonavoglia, Erik Jasek, Ashton Trujillo, Cameron Zavala, Drew B. Hall, and some schmuck named Cameron Hatheway.

If you purchase a Clusterfux Bundle, I'll throw in a physical copy there while supplies last!

Comic shops around the country that had copies this year:


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