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With Elon Musk officially in charge of Twitter, I’ll be deleting my accounts, but wanted another way to stay in touch with you beautiful people outside of social media. Enter: The Mailing List! The first one went out today to everyone who's ordered a copy (or copies) of my comics over the years, and even got a special discount code.

If you want to join in on the fun, SIGN-UP HERE. I’m not going to be emailing every week, let alone every month like some mailing lists. This is primarily to keep you up to date on all-things CLUSTERFUX COMIX and FUGU COMIX. The following is what was shared in the email:


CLUSTERFUX COMIX #5 is getting closer and closer to being completed, with mid-December still looking to be the target date of completion. Over 20 contributors, with a stunning cover by Jim Fletcher. Per usual, it’s a mixture of long time contributors and new, with everyone bringing their A-game.

CLUSTERFUX COMIX #6 is also underway simultaneously, looking to be released late next year. But more on that later. I will just say there are a few new contributors this issue that I’m ecstatic about joining the fray!

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2023 the Tribute to MAD Magazine issue is still a ways off, but from what I’ve seen of the few pieces submitted so far, I think we’ll be making The Usual Gang of Idiots proud. And by “proud,” I mean “sick to their stomachs.”

PERMANENT DAMAGE 4 is happening in Los Angeles on Sunday, December 4th at Permanent Records Roadhouse. I’ll be tabling there with several amazing people, so if you’re in the area stop on by and say ‘Hi!’. There will be comics, live music, and some big names attending (Simon Hanselmann, Johnny Ryan). Follow all the updates on their official Instagram account.


FUGU COMIX #2 is now available! 26-pages, full color, featuring my favorite returning characters: Fugu, DJ Rodney, Lord Buttonchops, and introducing my Steely Dan-loving father, Harper. I had so much fun creating this issue, and if you picked-up the first issue, you’ll definitely notice overall “improvement” with the art and colors.

Speaking of the first issue, I only have 1 copy left of the original 100 first printing run, and a small batch of second printings ready to go. Will you be the lucky chap who purchases the last copy before anyone else? I’ll even draw a little sketch in it!

There’s also new merch available on Threadless, but I highly doubt anyone wants to wear an illustration of my father outside of my close family. But you never know what kind of sick freaks are out there!

ULTRAFUGU VS FUGAMERA is in production, with 7-pages completed so far. Like with FUGU, I’m proud of the improvement of my art with this second issue. I’m surprised when I hear back from the comic shops I stock inventory at that ULTRAFUGU is always in need of a restock. People like kaiju comics, what can I say? I’m looking to have the issue illustrated, edited, completed, and on stands by Spring 2023. Back Cover artist TBD, but I do have some names in mind.

That does it this update! I hope you consider subscribing to the mailing list. And now, I leave you with a picture of Dinah.


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