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Rejection! And Kitties!

After submitting my satirical piece, "How The 1% Can Feed The 99%" to several different publications a few months ago, I'm starting to see the seeds of determination begin to blossom into bouquets of rejection! And I love it. Like the legendary Hydra, every rejection I receive will sprout several more submissions made by me elsewhere. Surely one publication will get a chuckle (or a silent nose expulsion of air) and publish it. Maybe I'll even submit it to The White House newsletter!

I also received another shot of Morsels of Delight out in the wild, and with another kitty! I love seeing my book out in the real world, especially with a kitty or pet nearby. Keep them coming! Special thanks to Natalie for sending the pic of Nakita, and I apologize in advance for all the stories featuring dogs ("I Love You, Goodbye").

Other than that, there's not much else to share in this small update. I've jotted-down a few ideas for "The Last Will and Testament of Cameron Hatheway" in case I were to die suddenly. It'll be compiled of humorous instructions on what I want to happen in the case of my untimely demise, and it will also double as real life instructions until I can make it legally binding one day. Where you'll find a ginormous slingshot to shoot my remains into the sun will no longer be my problem, it'll be yours!

I've also recently reconnected with my good friend Jeremy, or Jeremy Awesome to you longtime Geeky Talky listeners, and have floated the idea of bringing the podcast back. It's all just talk at this point, because I wouldn't want to give myself additional work if there doesn't end up being an audience for it. "Be funny" would of course solve that problem, but alas, I'm only "funny looking," which doesn't work on an audio medium. I've also briefly thought about bringing back Cammy's Comic Corner for an episode so I can talk about The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion when it wraps-up this week. I did it for Apocalypse Suite (hello facial hair!) and Dallas, so why not? Plus I can give my thoughts on the Netflix show, and what I liked and didn't. A nerd with an opinion on YouTube?! Color me shocked!

And as usual, a palate cleanser of Dinah! She's so pretty, and retains her beauty with baths, as pictured below.

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