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  • Cameron Hatheway

We Can't Stop Here, This is Pumpkin Country!

Hey there peeps! With the inescapable scent of Pumpkin Spice filling our lungs, it must be October! I know I’ve been a bad boy and haven’t updated this website recently. I would apologize, but I doubt anyone was checking it regularly unless I made a Facebook post about it.

So what have I been up to recently? Well as some of you know, I did a little work for the Italian publisher Hollow Press back in the day, writing forewords and some copy editing here and there. Recently I’ve been getting more copy editing work from them, and two of the titles I worked on, Satana’s Merits and The Lost Foul are now available to order (Warning: not for the squeamish). Not to give anyone the impression that I speak Italian, what happens is I’m sent roughly translated scripts in English along with the original text in Italian, and I make sure it’s grammatically correct and makes sense. The whole experience has gotten me interested in maybe taking Italian lessons one day, but I’ll add that to the pile of things to do when I have the time for it. I just got done editing two more titles for them, and they should be available next month. You can always check out my Other Published Works section on my Books page, where I update it regularly.

Speaking of my books, I’m still hard at work on The Patch. I confidently wrote in an entry last year that I’d be done writing it by this Halloween, but that Cameron had a little more free time on his hands than present Cameron. It’s one of those things I’m slowly chipping away at, with bits of the original story changing here and there, and new characters finding their ways into my subconscious. I wrote the original novella of it while I was unemployed a few years ago, but since I’m writing and expanding it as a hobby, it takes a backseat to my actual job, life, and now planning a wedding. Some sessions I’m writing the entire time, and other times I might have something new to copy edit for Hollow Press and that gets bumped to top priority.

I feel that I’m dedicated to writing full-length novels, even though some days I imagine things would be quicker and easier if I were writing scripts for TV and movies. I'm always reading scripts of upcoming films and TV shows for work, and know the format pretty well. Perhaps after I’m finally done with The Patch, I’ll see if I can challenge myself and write a few spec scripts to have in my back pocket. Ideally, I’d like to have one book sold to a publisher (after several failed submissions to publishers all over town, I know), then sell another, and another, then finally be in a position where I can quit my day job and write professionally for my actual career. You know, the dream. Time is still on my side, but it’s all about finding enough time to really put pedal to the metal and crank out a few pages every session, and on weekends.

But enough about me, how have you been? Shouting into the void out of frustration and feeling helpless and hopeless? You’re definitely not alone. I raise my Scotch to you, and promise we’ll survive. Unlike the photo at the top of me being consumed by a man-eating pumpkin from The Patch.

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