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LORD BUTTONCHOPS One-Shot to debut at Permanent Damage 5!

My latest comic, LORD BUTTONCHOPS: SQUIRE INQUIRE FOR HIRE One-Shot, will be debuting exclusively at Permanent Damage 5 this Sunday, May 21st in Los Angeles at Permanent Records Roadhouse!

The cover to Lord Buttonchops' first solo comic

From the pages of FUGU COMIX comes Bristol's most eligible bachelor and dapper gentleman, Lord Buttonchops! Worried about his legacy, Lord Buttonchops must find a squire to inherit both his family's name and estate. But where does one find such an individual? Follow Lord Buttonchops as he realizes taking on a squire isn't all that it's cut out to be.

Back cover by Daniel White, and pin-up by Robb Mirsky.

If you can’t attend the show, no worries! You can pre-order a copy at the link below and I’ll be sure to ship them out early next week.

Speaking of Permanent Damage 5, I’ll be tabling again this Sunday with another incredible line-up of creators. Just look at all those amazing names on the flyer!! I’ll be located inside across from the bar again, same table I was at last show. In addition to debuting Lord Buttonchops there, I’ll also be participating in a live comics reading of ULTRAFUGU VS FUGAMERA, complete with silly voices and sound effects. Be sure to purchase a copy there to read along!

I’ll also have copies of everything CLUSTERFUX COMIX and FUGU COMIX, in addition to t-shirts, pins, and other zines. There was such a great turnout at the last show, and I thank Keenan for inviting me back yet again.

I hope everyone had a great Free Comic Book Day a few weekends ago! I was so proud to give away copies of the CLUSTERFUX COMIX MAD Magazine FCBD Tribute Issue to participating stores all over the country. I even had to re-order more issues for the Clusterfux Bundles! That’s the only way you’ll be able to score a copy of the physical issue now, and it will also come with a copy of the FCBD 2022 Issue while supplies last. I have made a PDF copy available to download if you want to see all the talented creators who contributed pay homage to one of the best magazines on the planet! Special thanks again to the following shops for stocking CLUSTERFUX and FUGU titles:

Lord Buttonchops pin-up.
Lord Buttonchops pin-up by the incredible Robb Mirsky.


CLUSTERFUX COMIX #666 has gotten underway, and is looking to be released in February 2024 at the moment. Several fantastic creators, some old, some new, all creating comics that will make issue 666 to biggest and best to date! Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival: Small + Indie Press I was invited to apply to this small comic festival taking place October 7th. I’ll find out if I was accepted or not next month it sounds like, so fingers crossed! I’ve never been to Michigan, so I should dress warmly if accepted, yeah?

Popping pimples!
A page from the upcoming FUGU COMIX #3, out in late 2023.


FUGU COMIX #3 I have all the Fugu comics illustrated, just need to tackle the DJ Rodney, Harper, and Cameron auto-bio comics next. I was on a roll, but then work got really busy. Looking to have this issue out by Fall 2023. ULTRAFUGU #3 I only have a few pages thumbnailed so far, but I’m thinking this is the issue that will transport Dorothy to the Land of Oz, if you will. In case that was too much for your brain to process, I’m looking to introduce color to this one. Let’s just throw out a date and say Spring 2024.

That does it for now! Hope to see you this Sunday for Permanent Damage 5!


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