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FUGU COMIX #1 & CLUSTERFUX COMIX #2 now available in the store!

It's true! I'm rubbing each copy all over my naked body as we speak!

Check out the COMIX section to see all three of my comic babies, CLUSTERFUX COMIX #1 & #2, and FUGU COMIX #1. Each title is a labor of love for me, conceived during the 2020 pandemic. To see the fruits of my labors so far gives me such a proud papa feeling, followed by excitement knowing the third issue of the CLUSTERFUX anthology is due out later this year (and almost complete). Huge thanks for everyone buying a copy, and an even bigger thanks to the contributors for helping make my dream a reality.

The astounding next issue of the fabled underground comix anthology of lore! Featuring comics and illustrations by Miguel Elias Aguilar, Solution Oriented, Brian Judge, Catia Cunha, Ryan King, Jason Covelli, Dee "Papa Rotty" Palmer, Cameron Zavala, Root Bradford, Drew B. Hall, Umberto Tonella, Choesoui, That Fking Guy, Charlie Sisemore, and Cameron Hatheway.

Over 70+ pages of superb black & white comix, 8.5"x11". Printed by Rat Nest Sticker Co.

The first issue of everyone's favorite Fugu fish that craves blood, death, and destruction! From the twisted mind of Cameron Hatheway comes a comix starring Fugus, a 90s DJ, Lord Buttonchops, and a Psychic Snail. For mature readers only!

26 pages, Color. Printed by Rat Nest Sticker Co.


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