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CLUSTERFUX COMIX #666 Is Here! Purchase Or Live In Fear!

Cover by Nate Garcia
Cover by Nate Garcia

Fresh from the pits of Hell, it’s CLUSTERFUX COMIX #666!

The sinister sixth issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX! And they said it couldn't be done! Featuring comics and illustrations by Nate Garcia, Tony DiPasquale, Chad Cook, Brother Malcolm, Hank Simmons, Anthony Aiuppy, Miguel Elias Aguilar, Alex Daikaiju, Dee "Papa Rotty" Palmer, Nicholas Slover, Erwin Papa, Ashton Trujilo, Nathaniel Breen, Stew Nod, Dave Neeson, Isaac Roller, A.L. Peterson, Charlie Sisemore, and Cameron Hatheway.

156-pages of superb black & white comix, 8.5"x11". All for just $10!

Putting together this issue was definitely a rollercoaster: there were twists, turns, sudden drops, a couple things threw me for a loop, and quite a few people fell off at the last minute. But it’s finally here, and I’m incredibly proud of the finished product. Tons of talent in this issue, all for a crisp Alexander Hamilton!

Tabling at Permanent Damage 6
Tabling at Permanent Damage 6


I tabled at Permanent Damage 6 back in December. Always a good show and I got to meet a lot of people who follow both CLUSTERFUX and FUGU comics. It’s always weird hearing, “Oh! I know you! I follow you on Instagram!” Plus CLUSTERFUX contributors Erik Rose and Cameron Zavala were there! Lovely chaps. More on the next PD show I’ll be tabling at can be found at the end of this email.

Below you’ll find a few of the diary sketchbook comics I did every hour at the show. You can read the rest of them HERE.


FCBD [adult swim] 2024 A few submissions have slowly trickled in so far, bringing the biggest smile to my face. However, with the March deadline quickly approaching, I need to start cracking the whip!

CLUSTERFUX COMIX #7 Not happening for several years. Your editor needs a break. But mark my words! When it does eventually drop unexpectedly like a Beyoncé album in the middle of the night, you won’t even know what hit you.

Mr. Pickles by Chad Cook
Mr. Pickles by Chad Cook


ULTRAFUGU #3 Still have a couple pages to go. Kind of lost my mojo with this series, hence the slow crawl to the finish line. Might be the last ULTRAFUGU issue for a long while once completed!

FUGU COMIX #4 More concepts have been thumbnailed, with more ideas churning away in my subconscious. Aiming to have it debut in the fall.

FARRAGO (noun) - a confused mixture, and also the title to my first collection of comics and illustrations from my sketchbook! Looking to debut the first volume in late April for…


I’m once again tabling at Permanent Damage, but this time it will be hosted in Laguna Hills at Nuclear Comics in their parking lot! OC, baby! Be sure to follow their social media accounts for when they drop the guest list, but having seen a peak of who is coming, let me just say you do not want to miss this one! Keenan always puts on a great show full of surprises! Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 27th.

I also applied to table at the Cartoon Crossroads Columbus in late September! I’ll know if I made the cut or not sometime in April. I’ve always wanted to visit Columbus which is packed with incredibly talented creators, and visit the famous Billy Ireland Cartoon & Library Museum. Hell, I even have a subscription to The Columbus Scribbler, I love the city so much! Fingers-crossed I get accepted! I’d most likely be debuting FUGU COMIX #4 at that show if I get in.

That’s all for this month! Don’t expect the next newsletter until May for a link to the Free Comic Book Day issue, and which stores you can pick-up a physical copy from.


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