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Free Comic Book Day Issue of CLUSTERFUX, Free!

Didn't have a chance to visit one of the selected comic shops on Free Comic Book Day to pick up the FCBD issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX? No worries! You can download and read your very own high-res digital version of it HERE!

Clusterfux Comix FCBD
Cover by Umberto Tonella, back cover by Garett Knight.

It's my FREE COMIC BOOK DAY gift to you, dear reader! Plus I'm super thrilled to show-off the awesome talent featured in the issue: Umberto Tonella, Hannibal Gerald, Paolo Massagli, Brian Judge, Adam Yeater, David Moses, Matt Paramo, Ashton Trujillo, Jason Covelli, Root Bradford, Erik Rose, Hank Simmons, Gavin Mackie, Jim Fletcher, Garett Knight, and some schmuck named Cameron Hatheway.

It seems like no more issues are left, so I'm not sure whether to print another run, or just wait until next year to create a new issue. Or possibly reprint it for Buy Indie Comics Day on October 1st. Decisions, decisions!


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