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CLUSTERFUX COMIX #4 Now Available!

Proud Editing Papa
Editor and latest child.

That's right, comic book fans! The latest (and largest) issue of CLUSTERFUX COMIX is now available to purchase! I'm so incredibly proud of this issue, you have no idea. I was constantly telling people the next issue was going to be bigger than the last, and I definitely kept that promise with this fourth issue. 142-pages, black and white, perfect bound, and 18 contributors:

Featuring comics and illustrations by Jason Covelli, Cameron Zavala, Tony DiPasquale, Umberto Tonella, Stew Nod, Anthony Aiuppy, Erik Jasek, Anna Peterson, Paul Kortjohn, Chad Cook, Miguel Elias Aguilar, Jason Morrow, Alex Daikaiju, That Fking Guy, Drew B. Hall, Leonard Hirschcomb, Carson Gunnip Hunter, Charlie Sisemore, and Cameron Hatheway.

I just completed the monumental task of shipping off comp copies, review copies, and consignment copies earlier in the week, and now I can focus on all the lovely sales that have been coming in. The Free Comic Book Day issue also arrived at the same time, so I've been essentially working double-duty to make sure every shop and contributor has their copies before May 7th.

FCBD 2022 issue
CLUSTERFUX COMIX - FCBD 2022 issue, with cover by Umberto Tonella, and back cover by Garett Knight.

On top of all that, work continues to be unrelenting, and I think we need a new mattress because Amanda and I have been sleeping like shit lately. I wake up exhausted from tossing and turning all night, and it's slowly starting to wear me down. It's a combination of stress from work, not being able to sleep all that well, and just life in general. At least I've been attempting to eat somewhat better, switching ham and cheese spinach wraps for banana chocolate peanut butter protein smoothies. I have noticed I'm not as bloated, and the daily exercise is helping as well. I feel like I might shed even more pounds if I were to remove my shredded wheat and other cereals from my breakfasts. Baby steps.

We've also been planning for our Honeymoon next month, now that it's somewhat safer to actually attempt. Versailles, London, then Scotland. All within 2-weeks! Maybe the break from every day life will help refresh the senses and recharge my batteries. The last time I visited Scotland was in 2005 with my family, and I remember falling in love with it. It'll definitely be thrilling seeing it with older eyes, 17-years later. I also get to freak myself out by driving on the left side of the road. Fingers-crossed we don't die!

That does it for this brief update. To recap: buy my new comic, buy my new comic, and keep Amanda and I in your thoughts as we get lost in the Scottish wilderness attempting to find settings from Outlander.

And now, your dose of Dinah supporting her father's foolish endeavors.


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